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Electric boat with waterwheel propulsion

This 6 persons electric boat, is made of a strong rotation moulded catamaran body, with an 2 kW electric waterwheel propulsion for cruising on shallow waters ~ 40 cm depth.

The Belvedère 60V is designed for recreational areas, where the debth is shallow or waterlife is treasured.
With an inox steering wheel and inox railing, the Belvedere 60V can be ordered in the colors blue, silver-grey or olive-green for recreational or rental use.

The Belvedere Malmo, has a Swedish design with a wooden steering rod and cabelaring for easy rental and looks. With the LiFoPo powerpack up to 12kWh, rental times of 10 hours a day are no problem anymore. Ask us for special features and options, or visit us in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands.

Afm: 370x190x80 cm  CE categorie C


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