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Nederlands fabricaat - elektrische waterfiets

The Darlenys EV2, is a 6 persons pedal boat, with an 750W power assist brushless motor. The Darlenys EV is a dutch quality product, strong rotation moulded, with 6 unique points:

1) New design with more stability (285kg) for 6 persons. Sitting opposite of each other, enjoying each others company;

2) Easy peddeling thanks to the innovative 'Da Vinci' waterwheel;

3) Better steering action, with the double rudder;

4) Catamaran body, made of circulair PE material for 20 years lifetime, maximum stability and shockproof;

5) Ergonomic design for easy getting in and out, with ergonomic seats, suitable for everybody, young and older;

6) The 750 W power assist is ajustable: to assist at any speed, or when there is a current in the water or when you just want to go a little faster.

The Darlenys pedalboats can be found at: Provinciaal Domein Lilse Bergen (België), Stichting Erve Huiskes (Deurningen NL), Rode Kruis hotel Polderwind (B), Familie Restaurant Bergsche Plas Rotterdam,  Binnenstad Schiedam, Centerparcs [Vossemeren, Kempervennen, Meerdal, Eemhof, Heijderbos, Zandvoort], Camping De Bloksberg (NL), Zorggroep Noordervaart (Franeker Friesland), Bungalowpark Emslandermeer Vlagtwedde Groningen. Landal Parq Green (Reeuwijk), Kanoa Outdoor (Zeeland), Kanoclub De Paddel (BE), Billy Bird park Hemelrijk (Uden), Helden van Kien (Sint Oeden-rode), Grena Wildlife Park (Azoren, Portugal). Ooststappengroep Prinsenmeer

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